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You’ll have heard the expression the customer is always right, I’m sure.


There’s a variation that we prefer.


“The customer is always the customer”.


So, treat them with courtesy, respect and manners.


But remember that they aren’t always right.


I like to think our job is selecting, for each client, the right combination.


Of support, encouragement, etc.


And of the occasionally, tactically placed ‘questioning of what they are saying’.


Or even a bit of a ‘kick up the arse’.


While everyone is entitled to an opinion…………


There are somethings that aren’t actually opinions.


They are facts.


And people can be wrong.


Ourselves included.


We have been and will continue to be again.


As will you.


There will be things that you think, with regards to the whole process of getting fitter, losing weight, etc that are a personal opinion.


And there will be things that are right or wrong.


And you may well be wrong.


If you’re not sure about any of the later, let us know.


We can figure it out together 🙂



Jon ‘Er Service’ Hall and Matt ‘Er Satisfaction’ Nicholson


P.S. I forgot to mention Wednesday’s middle names yesterday. My bad! Dotty, Hi-Fi and Sad Sack were all Raggy Dolls from the later 80s kids TV programme. You probably have to be about my age to know that though 😉




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