The next thing that I want to reference from us missing that flight last Friday………

Is what then happened.

We made it to the gate to find it and just closed.

Obviously annoying.

But we had two choices then.

1. Get annoyed, start casting blame and make it an even worse experience

2. Find the next best thing

We looked online and found there was another flight from a different terminal to a different London airport leaving in 80 minutes.

It was a rush, but we got on that.

We then had to get an Uber to the right London airport to collect the car.

I’m going to arrange for our bags to be flown into Liverpool and for me to collect them on Sunday evening.

Not ideal, obviously.

But the best option that was available to us at that point.

And an ability to always choose the next best option can be invaluable in life.

When we can’t do three workouts in a week, the next best option is two, not zero.

Or some other form of exercise.

When we can’t eat as well as we’d like, the next best option is to eat as well as we can not to eat like a maniac.

Using that perceived failure to justify continued over-consumption until some point in the future where we “start again”.

Claiming it’s a “write-off”.

Even though that doesn’t make any sense.

When we got smashed and ate way too much last night, the next best option is to under consume to average out.

My experience, our results don’t come from an accumulation of successful ‘Plan A’s.

They come from the average of our ‘Plan B’ choices.

Much love,



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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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