One of our ninjas recently pointed out that two local FitPros have been talking about what they do in relation to what we do.


Saying that their facility is “The next step up from RISE.”


I was quite flattered.


To be seen as the yardstick to compare yourself to is cool.


I would dispute the whole ‘step up’ thing.


How many national record holders and athletes have come out of their facilities?


But that’s not the point I thought was interesting.


What they’re essentially saying with this is;


“RISE can take you up from Point A to B and we’ll take you on to C”


Or “We can’t get you from Point A to B”


After all, if they could and had, they’d put some sort of success sorties and / or before and after picture out there wouldn’t they?


You see, it’s actually pretty easy to take someone who loves exercise and healthy eating…….


And is already in the habit of doing both…….


And get them even fitter, stronger and faster.


I’d be amazed if any qualified FitPro couldn’t do that.


But, getting people who’ve never liked exercise and healthy eating……..


Who often hated P.E. at school…….


Who’ve tried countless gyms and slimming clubs over the years……..


With yo-yo weight loss and gain……..


## if that sounds like you ##


Getting them to the point where they enjoy what they’re doing…….


To do it regularly and consistently……..


And to get lasting results from it………


That’s where the skill lies.


And that’s what we do 🙂


Any FitPro can take people who love working out and get two of them to do a mud run with them and get a good time.


Getting 105 (and counting) people who never thought they could do such an event to join your Born Survivor Team?


We could argue the Point B to Point C skills all day.


But don’t feel the need.


Our guys who joined at Point A, got to Point B and are working to Point C or beyond know well enough what we can do there.


If others want to join the 95% of FitPros who are trying to attract the 5% of the population who are already at Point B, then that’s cool.


More power to them.


We’ll keep doing what we do 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘Learned of love and ABCs’ Hall and Matt ‘Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees’ Nicholson


P.S. You know, most people don’t know where Point B is. I’ll cover that tomorrow.


P.P.S. 10 points for those middle names. Without googling 😉



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