It’s a phrase generally attributed to Barrack Obama.


Or Karen Drucker sang it a few years ago.


But they seemingly pinched it from June Jordan’s ‘Poem From South African Women’.


And she probably got it from someone else.


Gotta love google, haven’t you 😉




“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”


And it’s true.


Although it’s great to get guidance, support and direction…..


##### Kinda like what we do at RISE Towers ( to find out more about next week’s briefing meeting) #####


The most important thing that any ninja realises is ……


You are the one.


You, and you alone, are the one that will create the success.


You are the one that will do the things that need to be done.


You are the one, that with guidance, support and direction WILL do it.


You are the answer that you’ve been looking for.



Much love,


Jon ‘Questions’ Hall and Matt ‘Answers’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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