You may have seen the pictures doing the rounds on Facey these last few days.


Supposedly showing The Simpsons predicting President Trump in the year 2000.


There is an episode (Bart To The Future) where new President Lisa mentioned “inheriting quite a budget crunch from President Trump”.


But Trump had talked around that time of running for President so it wasn’t that outrageous joke to make.


But the thing that most people have been ‘amazed’ at is the clip of Homer and President Trump on an escalator.


Which appears freakishly similar to a real clip of Trump on an escalator.


Right down to a sign being dropped in the background.


And a cartoon image of Trump on a podium which looks just like a real image of him.


Both these clips though came from a preview for the upcoming season released last year.


After Trump had announced he was running for President.


The cartoon clips were based on the real clips.


In what has turned out to be an amazing bit of free advertising for The Simpsons.


The funny thing is though……..


The number of people swearing blind they remember those clips being in the year 2000 episode.


I’ve seen arguments on Facebook over people who insist they saw those clips 16 years ago and those that are trying to point out their error.


What’s happened is those people have falsely combined a real memory with something else.


And then been unable to separate them.


Which happens.


Happens with what we do.


People combining real memories with other stuff.


And getting the wrong end of the stick.


People being absolutely convinced we’ve told them to never eat carbs when that’s definitely never happened.


We may have told them that a more balanced diet would be better for them.


And, as they were previously on a Mega-High Carb Diet, this did involve changing to a bit less carbs and more protein and healthy fats.


Never any mention of no carbs, or even low carbs.


It’s human nature also to allow selective use of memories.


To remember the situations that seem to confirm our existing beliefs.


Such as that healthy food is boring, restrictive and expensive.


That exercise is boring, time consuming, painful and no fun.


That the things we eat for pleasure are actually bringing us pleasure.


Whilst ignoring the things that contradict these opinions.


Confirmation bias it’s called!


We all do it.


And we all miss-remember things.




Realising and accepting that………


And being open to being shown that we’ve made a mistake……..


Or that there may be another way………


Is key to making the journey we want to take (to a slimmer, healthier body for example) a doable one for us!


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Much love,


Jon ‘Duck’ Hall and Matt ‘Sutherland’ Nicholson


P.S. Pretty easy middle names – one ninja point 🙂




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Jon Hall

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