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Talking about steps (like I did in last Monday’s ‘One small step‘ blog)…………


What’s the most important thing about a step?


The size?


The speed?




It’s the direction.


Big and / or fast steps are no good if you’re going the wrong direction.


You’ll never get where you want to go.


small steps to fitness goals


If the steps are in the right direction, then big and / or fast is nice.


But small and slow will still get you there.


Never forget that.


Small steps to fitness goals


It’s easy, in these social media days, to see others’ huge progress (real or exaggerated) and find slower, less drastic changes a bit less inspiring.


Not sexy enough.


To not think the little changes are worth while.


To think the workouts that don’t leave us in a quivering, sweaty pile aren’t worthwhile.


To think the meal that just cutting portion sizes isn’t going to cut it compared to eliminating whole food groups and fasting from time to time.


When any workout and any reduction in portion size or tactical adjustment is a step in the right direction.


Always remember that the size and the speed of the steps are way less important than the direction. The small steps to fitness goals.


Keep tip-toeing in the right direction and you’ll get there – I promise 🙂


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Much love,


Jon ‘I don’t think enough late 90’s pop groups have been kidnapped’ Hall and Matt ‘So we’ve taken Steps to rectify this’ Nicholson


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