Stake through the heart for vampires.


Silver bullet for werewolves.


Standard mythical creature killing techniques.


We all know this.


Difficulty there is how do we get hold of these things in an emergency?


The stake isn’t too hard.


But silver bullets?


They don’t sell them at CostCutter as far as I’m aware.


Very hard to come by, I should imagine.


Like the silver bullets we search for in life.


The unknown exercise that will scorch that fat from our midsection.


The magical superfood that will counteract anything else we eat.


The new class, gym, slimming club, etc that we hope will be the answer when the previous classes, gyms and slimming clubs weren’t.


Unfortunately, the silver bullet doesn’t exist.


And doesn’t in any area of life.


There’s just lots and lots of lead bullets.


Of differing sizes, sure.


Ones that are more worthwhile using.


Some that are fairly pointless.
Maybe the odd armour plated ones that are particularly effective.


But, it’s case of firing a lot of bullets.


Consistently over time.


Each one not seeming to do all that much by itself.


But them all adding up to a result.


Sometimes it will seem slow progress.


We’ll yearn for the quick progress of the silver bullet.


But keep firing those lead ones……..


And you will get there over time!



Much love,


Jon ‘Garlic’ Hall and Matt ‘Holy Water’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall

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