On a Sunday morning I coach the Under 7s and 8s Rugby Team over at Bakewell.


Note: I live in Macclesfield and have done for over four years. Sometimes people see me tagging into stuff over there and think that’s where I live. I coach that team as my two oldest sons, who have half the week with me, are based over there, go to school, clubs, etc over there.


Yesterday I wanted to try something new with them.


We’ve been doing a drill where the kids take it in turns to run from one corner to a central point.


Popping the ball up to the child coming the other way.


And so on so the ball stays in the middle, going from player to player, staying in that middle metre or so.


I’d told them if they managed six in a row without dropping the ball, we’d try this new, more advanced version.


It took a while but we, eventually got to six.


A lot of not paying attention, dropped passes and so on.


After that, I wasn’t confident they’d be able to do the advanced version.


As it involved two lines running across each other in an X shape doing the same.


Same level of complexity as before, plus a player coming from each side to avoid.


What do you know though?


They did it brilliantly.


Few dropped passes, but overall they kept it going few a good few minutes.


Got a round of applause from the watching parents.


The difference was, that extra complexity made them pay attention.


It had gone from a potential ball drop to a potential being knocked over.


That focus made all the difference.


And it’s the same with what we find challenging in our lives.


## You didn’t think I was just telling you about rugby coaching, did you? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ##


When we go through life on auto pilot………..


Not really paying attention to what we’re doing………..


Doing the same thing we’ve always done……….


Because that’s what we’re used to………..


We don’t always do the thing we actually really want to.


The workouts.


The healthy meals.


And so on.


We end up eating some rubbish, or missing a session……….


And asking after “Why did I do that?”


When we apply a bit of focus………


A bit of conscious thought………


When take that moment or two to stop and think about what we’re doing………


It doesn’t automatically mean we do better………


But, it’s way more likely.


You can still make whatever decision you see fit.


Tis your life.


But taking that two seconds to stop and think can be a difference maker.


Pay attention to that looming player on your periphery………


And you’re much less likely to be knocked over by him / her ๐Ÿ™‚



Much love,


Jon ‘Not played a game of rugby in 18 years. I was just the only Dad who agreed to do it’ Hall and Matt ‘Egg chaser’ Nicholson


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