In 1998 two dudes called Daniel (Simons and Levin) conducted an experiment.

In this experiment, they had the test subject giving directions to someone.

And, mid conversation, two guys with a door pass between the directioner and directionee (new words I’ve just made up).

And they swapped the person receiving directions over without the subject realising.

Sometimes for drastically different looking people – different gender, race, height, size, etc.

And in about 50% of the cases the test subject didn’t notice and carried on as though nothing had happened.

This really shows how much of our life we run on autopilot.

Doing the ‘same old, same old’ without really thinking about it.

  • Making another cuppa.
  • Having that biscuit.
  • Popping open a bottle.
  • Topping your glass up.
  • Missing breakfast.
  • Going to the canteen / vending machine / coffee shop for lunch.

And so on.

And thinking after “Why did I do that?”.

One of the most powerful things we get people doing is putting a short pause between thought and action.

Just a couple of seconds.

And having a proper think – “Do I really want to be doing this?”.

Try it!

Next time you are about to out something in your mouth (no sniggering).


Take two seconds to think “Do I want this? Will it be worth it? Will I regret it?”.

If you still want it, go nuts.

But we reckon that quick think will reduce the amount of times you do.


Much love,

Jon ‘Always thinking’ Hall and Matt ‘Not just a hat rack’ Nicholson


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