I read about an experiment recently.

So I repeated it with my family for a laugh.

Where a large group of students are told that there is at least one ‘witch’ amongst them.

And they quickly divide up and create the largest group they can without a witch in it.

The students start questioning each other and distrust quickly develops.

Claims of innocence are seen as proof of guilt.

Small groups quickly develop, shunning the others.

At the end the teacher asks the ‘witches’ to step forward.

There are none.

An example of how quickly a belief can shape our behaviour.

And of how things that aren’t actually the case can be seen as proof of that.

Like how if we think “exercise is boring”, we quickly see proof of that.

We think healthy eating is some combination of restrictive, boring and expensive and we notice the situations that seem to confirm that.

We tell ourselves that we’re too busy to do something and see all the times we did have a lot on and miss out the times that we could have done something.

For my experience, people don’t start to get better results when they become less busy.

It’s when they change their beliefs around how busy they are and what they can still do.

They don’t eat more healthily when health eating becomes cheaper or easier but when they realise that you can eat healthy and it cost the same, take no more time and be enjoyable.

They don’t start exercising regularly when it stops being boring but when they find a version that they enjoy and people to do it with that they like.

Our beliefs and opinions shape our actions.

Every single one of us.

But we’ve changed opinions and beliefs before.

And that won’t be the last time.

Much love,

Jon ‘Wizard’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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