They took the wheels off


A few years ago the NHS introduced some new targets to help improve patient care in hospitals.


A valiant effort.


On of the new KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) was that the amount of time trolleys (with patients on) were left in corridors was to average no more than a certain number of minutes.


To help them hit this target, some hospitals removed the wheels from some trolleys, so they were classified as beds.


The point here isn’t to criticise doctors, nurses, etc.


They do a difficult job under challenging circumstances.


But it’s a great example of when choosing the wrong way to assess and measure something leads to not getting what you actually want.


It’s like focusing just on ‘losing weight’.


Ultimately people don’t really care what they weigh.


If I could wave magic wand and you’d wake up in the morning with exactly the body, appearance, energy levels, etc that you want, but the scales had to read 3 pounds heavier, I’m sure you’d snap my fingers off.


People ultimately want to be happier and feel better.


And I don’t know all that many people who’ve tried to ‘lose weight’ that have ended up feeling better and being happier.


We always find that when people change the focus, the result comes much more easily.


When people focus on being healthy, looking after their body and respecting themselves, the weight usually drops off.


I used to be fat, if you don’t know.


Haven’t been for well over a decade now.


I don’t find it particularly hard to keep my weight where it is.


Because I don’t really care what it is.


I just aim to look after myself properly the majority of the time and my weight seems to stay still because of this.


You get the idea 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘You’re only supposed to blow the bloody door off’ Hall and Matt ‘Hang on lads, I’ve got a great idea’ Nicholson

They took the wheels off Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

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