In 1913 French agricultural engineer Maximilien Ringelmann conducted an experiment.


He got a load of French dudes to pull a rope.


Individually and in groups of different sizes.


He found that the bigger the group the less force each person individually contributed.


Ie: The force measured by 10 people was less than ten times what one would do.


It’s a situation that’s modernly referred to ‘social loafing’.


Where people inadvertently coast somewhat in group situations despite feeling they are contributing their most.


It’s something that can happen in work groups.


And it’s something that can happen in group programmes like ours if it’s not identified.


People can feel that just joining a group where most are getting great results is going to automatically mean they will too.


And neglect to put in the necessary effort to make sure it happens.


We get why it happens.


And most of the time the group dynamic works well to ‘drag people along’.


People find it easier to do things they’ve previously struggled with when they’re in a group that is doing those things……….


Than when they’re in a group that isn’t.


But, it’s always something worth making people aware of.


We do everything we can to support and facilitate people on their journey of change.


But they do need to make that journey!



Much love,


Jon ‘Tugboat’ Hall and Matt ‘Tug Toner’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall

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