We’ve mentioned a few times recently about the more we feel we ‘can’t have’ something……….


The more we want it.


And how this can, without us realising it, affect how much we desire certain foods.


Or food in general.


This is confirmed in study after study.


Here’s another good one.


On two year old boys this time.


They walk into a room with two equally attractive toys in.


In one group there is a one foot plexi-glass barrier in front of one toy.


As it poses no actual barrier (they can just reach over it), the two toys are picked first an equal amount.


In group two the barrier is two feet tall.


It’s actually in the way.


Most boys walk round it to go the that toy first.


The average time from entry to touching that toy is one third of that with the other toy.


Even at two years old, that sense that they can’t have it makes them want it more.


It is built in to our brain to want something more when we feel we can’t have it.


Or, at least, access to it is limited.


We can want things and not actually like them.


If I had a pound for every time someone told me something like “I knew I’d regret it, as I always do. I don’t even like it that much. But I just really, really wanted it”


We know there’s more to it than just this.


But part of the desire for some foods can be down to the whole “not supposed to have it” thought process.


It becomes “a bit naughty” and more desirable.


After helping hundreds, if not thousands, of people to make lasting changes in their lives………..


One of the biggest shifts in nearly all of them is the way they see food.


No food is “bad” or “naughty”.


Nothing is “banned”.


Much of the emotion is removed.


There’s just ways of eating that will take them (and their body, health, etc) in the direction they’d like to go.


And ways that will take it the other way.


They’ll still probably have some of the stuff they used to think of as “bad”, “naughty” or “banned”.


But be less bothered about it.


It’s just something they “eat from time to time”.


As always, knowing is key.


Realise how your brain works.


It hasn’t changed fundamentally since we were two.


Work with it, not against it 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘It all and now’ Hall and Matt ‘To break free’ Nicholson


P.S. Hmmmm – two points for those middle names methinks 🙂




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