Those who hate them the most usually don’t have many

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Have you ever been in a gym and seen the PT Profile boards?

I had my first one in Fitness First Sheffield Millhouses.

Nearly 18 years ago now.

****** I was recently in Sheffield and my two sons asked for a McDonald’s so we went to the one that was next to that gym. It’s been a Pure Gym for many years. But that’s now moved to the other side of the car park and they were gutting the old unit to split into a swimming pool and a ‘Firehouse Fitness’ ******

Over the years I’ve seen many such boards.

I used to help PTs with theirs when I was an Area Manager.

They often list things like qualifications, specialities, experience and likes and dislikes.

And do you what, by far, is the most common ‘dislike’ I’ve seen?


Which I always think is about the worst thing they could (realistically) put on there.

Not likely to attract the vast majority of the population, is it?

With the irony being that those that seem to hate excuses the most……..

Often don’t really have any.

They’re often (not always, I know) in their early twenties, child free and live with their parents or in a relatively cheap house share.

Usually always been fit and good at sport and are injury free.

“Captain of the INSERT SPORT NAME team at school” I’ve seen many times on these boards.

Spend their whole day in the gym anyway.

There’s no reason for them not to be in shape.

They don’t have to be, of course.

Everyone’s own choice what they do with their body.

But there’s not much in the way of them doing it if they so wish.

The challenges that many of their (potential) clients face in getting in better shape often haven’t (yet) applied to them.

Telling these people that they hate their “excuses” isn’t going to help either side get what they want.

Which is a shame.

It’s quite an emotive word isn’t it?


“Seek to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offence); try to justify.”

Maybe has a degree of validity sometimes.

But rarely the best word to chose to actually help someone work past those challenges.

We get it.

There are countless things seemingly in the way of us getting in better shape.

No point pretending they aren’t real.


They’re rarely insurmountable.

At worst, they might slow our progress.

But they don’t need to stop it completely.

Call them what you like – reasons, challenges, excuses or anything else.

They’re “on the way” not in it!

Much love,

Jon ‘Wonder how many replies I’ll get saying “I’m surprised you go to McDonald’s”‘ Hall

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