I’m sure many of you who have (or have recently had) small children, will be familiar with the work of Julia Donaldson.


You know – The Gruffalo, Stick Man, etc.


Don’t worry if you don’t know these – you’ll still get this.


Tiddler is another good one.


In it, the eponymous Tiddler is a small fish who’s always late and makes up tales as to why.


Like my wife Alex 😉


In the end, he get caught in a Fisherman’s net and is lost far away.


Until he hears a shoal of anchovies telling some of his stories.


He asks where they heard it.


And traces the story back home.


“I was lost, I was scared, but a story led me home again” he says on his return.


Even as a fictional fish, olde Tiddles knew the power of a story.


Since the earliest times, we, as a species, have shared information in the form of stories.


It’s hard wired into us.


Something most of the world seems to have forgotten.


Most FitzPros will just send you what are, essentially lists.


“7 things to do to burn belly fat.”


“5 top breakfasts.”


“10 benefits to Vitamin D.”


“The 3 best HIIT workouts.”


And so on.


Thing is though, I bet you know a good amount of that already.


Maybe not all the intricate points.


But I’m sure you’re aware of some methods of losing weight that you’re not doing, some better breakfasts that you’re not eating, that Vitman D is a good thing, and you remember something from that programme you saw on interval training.


More knowledge has it’s place, of course.


But for most people, it’s not not knowing enough that’s holding them back.


It’s the not regularly doing what they do already know.


Due to their busy, challenging lives.


Due to self limiting beliefs.




Thought processes.




And so on.


When these things get realigned, the actual what of what to do is less of an issue.


And that’s why we keep telling you these stories.


Over a thousand and counting.


To make you think.


To challenge you in places.


To help, bit by bit change some of those thoughts, belief and opinions.




We hope you find them useful.


If not, there’s a unsubscribe button at the bottom of every blog 😉


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Much love,


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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