The other week we registered with a new dentist now that we’re living in Macc.


So I had by first check up for a few years.


The Dentist Dude asked me about my brushing habits.


And told me I should brush after breakfast not before.


Because before is fairly pointless.


My teeth are still clean from when I brushed them before bed.


I’ve been told this before but never end up doing anything about it.


As I forget and slip back into old habits.


Like we all do.


Whether it be slipping back into eating rubbish, snacking, smoking, drinking too much, etc.


It’s because just trying harder never works.


But putting a system in place that helps create a new habit usually does.


All habits are set off by cues.


A habit is a three step process.


Cue – something happens (we see cake, our friend offers us some crisps, we’re stressed, it’s the weekend)


Routine – we do something (eat the cake, the crisps, pour a glass of wine, head to the pub)


Reward – we get a reward of something (we feel better, at least momentarily)


I’ve already mastered the routine for brushing my teeth and the reward is obvious – fresher mouth, nicer smile, lower dentist bill).


So, I just needed a new cue to give me the push to complete the routine at a different time.


Piggybacking an existing habit is an easy place to start.


What do I always do after breakfast?


Full marks if you said “pop your dishes in the dish washer”.


That’s a firmly established habit.


So, I’ve popped a second toothbrush and past on the counter above the dishwasher.


I see it automatically shortly after breakfast and bosh – I clean my teeth.




I’ve also been forgetting sometimes to give members their next ninja band after they’ve passed to the next level.


Just slips my mind.


So I’ve put a rack up on the doors in booth clubs that I have to walk through / past at that point.


Got a handful of each band on the rack.


I can’t forget now.


Seeing them is my cue and the routing and reward follow.




So, if you’re struggling to change and old habit or create a new one, start with the cue.


Decide on something that you will use as a reminder to do the new routine.


Only you know what that thing will be.


More to follow on Monday on changing your habits.


Much love,


Jon “Only got 26 teeth” Hall


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