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You know those yellow hatched boxes you get at junctions?


The ones that you’re not supposed to go into if you can’t get out of?


They could do with one at the bottom of Buxton Road where the Silk Road crosses it I think.


The amount of times I’ve taken an eternity to get out of Waters Green having dropped the wife at the train station because people pull into that middle bit and block it up.


Anyway, I digress.


Many aspects of life are kinda like hatched boxes.


Don’t get into trouble you can’t get out of.


Don’t get into debt you can’t get out of.




Don’t get in a surplus you can’t get out of.


There’s nothing wrong with getting in a bit of trouble, a bit of debt or a bit of a surplus……….


If you can get back out.


There’s nothing wrong with the weekends “not being perfect”………..


If you can average out over the rest of the week and create an average balance (to maintain) or deficit (to lose some weight) then that’s cool.


Go 500 calories over maintenance on Friday and Saturday then 200 under each on Sunday to Thursday and you are “net nil”.


250 under on those days then you’re in a 250 a week deficit.


300 over on Friday and Saturday and 300 under each on the other days and you’re 900 under.


Maintenance on Friday and Saturday and 700 under each on the others and you’re on 3,500 deficit per week (equivalent to a pound of body fat – give or take).


And so on.


You know we’re not like living like monks.


My weekends are never quite as “good” from a food or drink perspective as the week is.




You can go into that ‘box’.


To a degree.


But, if you then can’t get back out again………….


If the average of a week or month is a surplus…………..


That’s when you slip backwards over time.


Like with money.


You spend more or less on different days.


But if it averages a deficit, then problems build up over time.


If you’re going ‘so far into that box’ that you can’t get out……….


Look where you can make some tweaks.


The weekends (or whenever is the ‘less good’ time) trim from a massive surplus to a marginal one?


Or maybe maintenance.


The other days trim from maintenance to marginal or substantial deficit.


Little tweaks that all add up.


Only going as far into that box as you know you can get back out from 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Egg’ Hall and Matt ‘Job’ Nicholson


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