We’ve had a lot of replies to recent blogs, videos, posts, etc about eating healthy when eating out.


A big bit that people are still struggling with is not wanting to appear rude in turning down certain foods.


Understandable of course.


No one wants to appear rude.


Especially if you’re being entertained by friends.


But, from our experience, a lot of this concern stems from the way people see their food choices.


Imagine you had a vegetarian round for tea and you served them meat.


Would you think they were being rude for turning down the meat?


Your Muslim pal comes round and you try and give him some pork.


Would you say “Come on, stop being so miserable?”.


Or you tried to sneak some none Kosher meat onto your Jewish buddy’s plate?


Every decent person respects their food choices, and rightly so.


But why should anyone else’s decisions about what they put in their bodies be any more or less valid?


Genuine question ……….


The key lies in their and your consistency in what they do.


If your ‘vegetarian’ friend actually had whatever was served them because they didn’t want to appear rude, they’d probably get served meat all the time.


But they don’t.


They make their lifestyle choice clear.


And anyone who actually cares about them is more than happy to work round that.


People know that I eat a certain way.


And if they want to have me round they need to respect that.


And they do.


I don’t feel I suffer from a shortage of friends or social invites.




It’s your life.


Your body.


Your health.


You and you alone decide what goes into your body.


And if you make it clear what is acceptable to you, people will respect that.


Your lifestyle choices are no more or less valid than anyone else’s.



Much love,


Jon ‘Could be a vegetarian’ Hall and Matt ‘Me neither’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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