Pretty much every time we make a claim about something, we will get someone asking for some ‘proof’.


Whether it be to do with best ways to use supplements or times, intensities, etc for training or whatever, people like to see proof.


But we can’t always provide it.


Because sometimes we recommend stuff that hasn’t been ‘proven’.


You know, beyond any shadow of a doubt.


Doesn’t mean it’s not true.


It’s usually that there hasn’t been a large enough study funded to get irrefutable facts.


There may be a lack of proof.


But it’s not been ‘disproven’.


If you see the difference?


Remember, before Issac Newton, we hadn’t ‘come up with’ gravity.


It hadn’t been ‘proven’.


Didn’t mean we all floated around did it?


What we recommend is what we believe to be true.


It’s a mixture of studies and research.


With our own experience.


The recommendations and experience of people who’s opinions we trust.


And most, importantly, what we’ve found works with hundreds and hundreds of our ninjas.


We’re always happy to be ‘proven wrong’.


But until that’s happen we’re happy to keep telling you stuff were pretty sure is true.


Here’s a few completely ‘unproven’ things we believe:


  • Concentrating on getting natural foods with a good balance is a much better way to lose weight than calorie counting.
  •  Removing your belly button piercing will help you reduce fat from your stomach.
  •  You CAN spot reduce (not spot burn) body fat if you know how.
  •  Zinc and Magnesium are supplements everyone should be taking.
  •  Higher intensity training is miles better for burning fat than lower intensity training.



We’re sure there’s plenty more, but you get the idea.


Don’t confuse unproven for disproven.



Much love,


Jon ‘Gravity keeps my head down’ Hall and Matt ‘Or is it merely shame?’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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