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If you live in Macclesfield you may have recently seen that ‘Research Flat Earth’ billboard by the Tesco roundabout.


It’s not a joke or some clever marketing for something else.


It’s genuinely an advert from The Flat Earth Society to try and persuade you that, as they believe, the earth is flat, not round.


Check out their website and Facebook page.


It’s fascinating.


I was thinking about this the other day.


Wondering how people can be willing to ignore what has been proven.


To fly in the face of existing wisdom with no foundation.


But, the thing is, we all do this from time to time.


To differing degrees, sure.


But we’re all guilty of occasional ill-founded dismissal of that which is agreed upon.


Exercise You Can Always Do


Exercise is defined as “activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness”


That’s what it say in the Oxford English Dictionary.


So that’s what it is.


There’s no mention of duration, intensity, volume or frequency that has to be there for it to class as exercise.


That is something that we can always do three times a week.


A walk, a stretch or some body weight movements are exercise. Exercise you can always do.


By definition.


We can do that whatever the circumstances of our week are.


I’ve never known someone’s week to be so packed that they couldn’t have done one minute of squats in the 10,080 minutes available if their life had depended on it.


I’ve never known someone to be so injured or ill that they couldn’t stretch a single muscle (Note: I’m aware of comas and full body casts, but that’s pretty unusual).


But we change “exercise” to mean “go to the gym for an hour”.


Or “do a GTP session at RISE”


Or “run X miles”


Do ABC three time a week.


And so on.


Things that, sometimes, we can’t do three times a week.


Because of other commitments, injury, illness and so on.


And when we can’t do three of those, it’s easy to not do any.


That rewriting of the definition of what exercise is doesn’t serve us.


Doesn’t benefit us.


The official definition of exercise is something that we can always do.


If we choose to.


That we may need to “slow down and speed up” on, sure.


But we can always do it.


So why fly in the face of that accepted wisdom?


Why change the accepted definition from something that we may need to slow down and speed up on to something that we may have to stop and start again?


## Check the briefing meeting page for RISE in Macclesfield if you like the idea of getting to a point of slowing down and speeding up but never needing to stop ##


Why make it harder?


Why do the equivalent of “flat earthing” it?


Much love,


Jon ‘Middle Earth’ Hall and Matt ‘Earthworm Jim’ Nicholson




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