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Another thing I’m seeing a lot of in Facebook ads at the moment………….

Is from other facilities kinda similar to ours (there is only one RISE )……..

That start with some version of the phrase…………….

We’re looking for motivated……..

Like “motivated men and women”.

Or “motivated local mums”.

Often followed by “to take part in” and then a description of their programme.

Now I may be shooting myself in the foot here by, essentially, offering free marketing advice to the local FitPros who read this blog — I know who you are 😉 — but…………

The people who are already motivated about getting in better shape are usually already doing that somewhere else.

Being motivated and not having somewhere to go isn’t the problem for the overwhelming majority.

It’s the lack of motivation that is.

That creeping “can’t be arsed” feeling that takes over as initial motivation wanes.

As the results are slow to come by and the other challenges of life get in the way.

If anything we should be running ads along the lines of “We’re looking for people who are struggling with motivation who do want to be in better shape but find it such a ball ache with everything else that’s going on”.

Note to self: Run that ad.

Now, ultimately, we can’t actually ‘give’ you motivation.

No matter how many ‘motivational memes’ our contemporaries post.

What we can do is create the conditions in which you can most easily develop (and maintain) your own motivation.

We are like the gardeners.

We provide the right combination of water, light and nutrients.

But we can’t ‘make’ the seed grow.

It has to do that itself.

We’ll provide a nice, welcoming environment and support and direction to help people’s motivation develop and flourish.

For those of you that are already members, you might like to recap on some of the videos we’ve put in our members only group on motivation (these three on self determination theory are a good start -www.facebook.com/groups/academygtc/permalink/1271681289631219,
www.facebook.com/groups/academygtc/permalink/1272725806193434 and www.facebook.com/groups/academygtc/permalink/1273852589414089).

For those that aren’t, you might like to look a little further into a system designed to meet you where you are and help you with things you’ve struggled with in the past –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting.

Much love,

Jon ‘Eric’ Hall and Matt ‘Gatsby’ Nicholson

P.S. Tricky middle names them – three bonus ninja points for getting them (without Googling). As an aside, my wife who used to do the strange thing of “Yahooing” things, has recently started Googling like a normal(ish) person 🙂

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