I’ve talked in recent blogs about feeling that they ‘need to have more confidence’.

Often the expression that people use is “I just need to believe in myself more”.

Another expression that, on the surface of it, seems to make perfect sense

But what are we actually saying?

What do we need to believe?

What is the concise definition of what belief we feel that we need to have?

Just saying “in ourselves” isn’t enough.

By getting clear on what we feel that we need to believe……….

We can develop steps to generate that belief.

What is it that we feel we need to be able to do?

To be able to handle?

What is considered a success in each of these situations?

A realistic definition, not just it “going absolutely perfectly”.

What does going to that new thing have to look like for us to class it as successful

How does that job or project at work have to go for us to be happy with it.

How does a particularly social occasion, event or interaction need to go for us to think we did a good enough job with it?

When we know what the end outcome is, we can reverse engineer the steps to be taken to get there.

If we know those steps will lead us in the right direction then we can just choose to take them irrespective of how we are feeling.

And, by achieving the desired outcome, that belief in ourself to achieve that desired outcome by following those steps will grow.

So next time we think we “need to believe in ourselves more”……..

What is it that we need to believe?

What are the steps that need to be taken to lead to that result?

Much love,

Jon ‘Cher’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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