We’ve mentioned Emily before.


She’s the one who was getting the naughty pictures sent to her by the man who wanted to buy her car.


And something else 😉


Anyway, Emily has a new job.


P.A. to a guy that runs a sports nutrition company.


She was telling me about it recently.


The biggest difference she’s noticed is the change in what goes on in the office.


In her old office, she says, everyone was unhappy with their weight.


But would alternate between short periods of juicing and / or fasting……….


And times of mainlining cakes and biscuits.


Every day seemed to be someone’s birthday or some other reason to bring crappy food in.


And she found it hard to not get involved.


In the new place “Everyone just brings in nice, proper food”


“And they’re all really happy.”


And she finds it mega easy to just do the same as the others and is feeling the benefits.




We know the office environment makes it harder.


We hear daily about similar set ups to Emily’s previous place of work.


And the change in Emily’s situation is a great reminder of the old phrase:


“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with!”


We’re not saying you necessarily have to move jobs or change your friends………


But there often are things you can to to change that ‘average’.


Coming to somewhere like here is a big one for many of our ninjas (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


The time they spend with like minded people on the same journey here and online helps ‘dilute’ the impact of others in their life.


You can hang round more with different people at work.


At lunch time at least.


You can be the voice of change.


We’ve had ninjas introduce things like ‘Chicken Wednesday’ and ‘Ribs Friday’ at their places of work.


Or persuade management to install water cooler or replace bowls of sweets with fresh fruit.


We know it’s not easy.


But most people can make changes that make it easier 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Mmmmmmm Ribs’ Hall and Matt ‘Chicken Tonight’ Nicholson



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