There’s a pretty good chance that, if you’re reading this, you’ve seen something on our Facebook page.


The majority of people on our mailing list get on it having followed a link via Facebook.


They may know people here……..


But that link is, usually, the thing that got them to enter their email.


Since we set up the first group training facility in Macc over four years ago now…….


Several others have ‘been inspired’ by what we do and opened up variations.


Some are direct copies.


Others offer a different product to a different audience.


Some have gone bust already as they find out there’s a little more to it than just opening up a building with some equipment and having an instructor there.




What is particularly interesting……..


Is checking out the Facebook pages of these, and other places elsewhere.


And what that seems to say about each facility.


Most are all about the coaches.


With lots of videos showing how big and strong they are.


Little mention of their clients and what they can do for them.


Just about how best to exercise, training like an athlete, etc, etc.


And that’s cool.


For people that like that.


The ‘athletes’ of Macclesfield are more catered for now.


You’re already mega fit and have always loved exercise………


And want to get another 2% fitter and stronger?


Then you have abundant choices of where to go.


You’re an everyday person who doesn’t love spending hours in the gym?


Who’s tried a few diets before but finds them deadly boring?


But feels it’s time to make a change.


And would like to do that with support and guidance………..


Rather than just been told “again, faster”?


Then, hopefully, our Facebook page should appeal to you.


The near 250 transformations and accompanying stories of people from Macclesfield and nearby are usually pretty powerful 😉


If it does, next Tuesday is your opportunity to find out more.


Go check this link 🙂 –>


Much love,


Jon ‘Actually got paid to do my ‘sport’ 35o times. 350 times more than the other ‘athlete’ FitPros round here it seems’ Hall and Matt ‘Actually train people who compete professionally. But who’s counting?’ Nicholson


P.S. Apologies to existing members – not a great deal of actionable content in here for you. So, hit me up. Let me know how you’re doing at the moment. And we’ll start to put plans for the coming weeks together. Go on. Hit reply 🙂





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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

When not helping people to transform their lives and bodies, Jon can usually be found either playing with his kids or taxi-ing them around. If you'd like to find out more about what we do at RISE then enter your details in the box to the right or bottom of this page or at - this is the same way every single one of the hundreds who've described this as "one of the best decisions I've ever made" took their first step.