I’m not naïve enough to expect people to eat ‘perfectly’ when socialising.

I know I never have and probably never will.

The vast majority of us will over consume and / or drink alcohol when socialising.


But what I will dispute is if that is as big a deal as we tell ourselves.

If we socialise two or three times a week then that’s still only 10 to 15% of our meals.

If we consume twice as much as we need then, then that’s 20 to 30% of our total weekly need.

We only have to reduce the other 85 to 90% of our meals by an average of 16% to make that work.

No biggie that, surely?

But what we often do is tell yourselves that we’ve “failed”.

That we should “write off” the rest of the week, whatever that actually means.

“Start again” at some point in the future.

Using periods of overconsumption as a justification for further overconsumption doesn’t really make any sense when we think about it.

If we take it as given (because the last however many years or decades have shown us it to be) that we’ll have periods of overconsumption…………

Then we can just under consume by a surprisingly small amount the rest of the time and average out.

Much love,

Jon ‘proportion’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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