We’ve mentioned before that when people start with us the general intention is, usually, “to lose a bit of weight”.


Maybe get a bit fitter and healthier.


For most people ‘getting stronger’ isn’t something that really appeals to them at that point.


People often associate ‘strength’ with large, bulky men and women.


And think it doesn’t apply to them.




Over the last week I’ve seen several great examples of what ‘strength’ really means to people.


Last Wednesday Baby Hall arrived.


There’s some pics here if anyone’s interested.


As we were leaving the hospital, my wife was, understandably, still struggling to walk.


So I had to push her in a wheelchair to the car park.


Whilst carrying Charlie in his car seat.


And three bags, a camera and a few other bits and bobs.


I remember thinking it was, for me, a prime example of what all these years of training have bought me – the ability to physically look after my family.




Then, over the weekend, we’ve hosted the British Powerlifting Union Northern qualifier for the British and European  Championships.


We had number of members taking part – some to qualify, some just for the experience.


Not a single one of them anyone who would have imagined only months or a few years ago that this would be something they could or would do.


Seeing the looks of satisfaction as they all got their bodies to do something it hasn’t been able to do before……..


And hearing what this whole process has meant to them……..


Was truly humbling!




And then, already this morning (as part of our monthly ‘Coaching Day’) we’ve heard several stories of people able to do things they couldn’t until recently – things with the family, things at work, exercisey things, all sorts.


To us, this is what ‘strength’ is all about.


Having a body that can do what you want it to do.


Whether that be setting PBs at exercises or something a bit more ‘everyday’.


A body that won’t let you down when you need it.


A good definition of what we do could “help people get a body they like the look of, that can do what they want it to do and will last them a long time”.


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Much love,


Jon ‘


P.S. The answer to Friday’s PS – Songs by the band D12.


P.P.S. Thursday’s PS was from the ‘Trigger’s Broom’ sketch from Only Fools And Horses.




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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