I was listening to the Tim Ferris podcast t’other day.

Tis good fancy checking it out.
In it, he was describing how he went through the process of starting the podcast.
As he didn’t want to make mistakes in its creation that would lead to more effort in the future.
And he posed a question that he says he does with any new project.
“What would this look like if it was easy?”
And he decided to make it a long, continuous, interview format.
Minimal editing required.
Just record the conversation.
Whack the standard intro and outro on either end.
Job done!
Funnily enough, exactly the same way we decided to create our podcast (here if you fancy checking it out).
We knew that hours of ‘post production’ would sap the enjoyment out of it.
And mean we’d be less likely to continue.
You can ask that question of anything you want to do.
To help you workout now best to do it.
Because most people’s way of doing things is rarely the easiest way of doing it.
“What would this look like if it was easy?”
For exercise it might mean having an appointment and being expected.
It might mean doing something where you don’t need to think about or plan what to do – you just need to turn up.
It might be based around duration, timings, etc.
No right or wrong answer.
Don’t just do the same as everyone else does.
Because what everyone else is doing isn’t working for the vast majority.
What would it look like if it was easy?
Same with food?
What would that look like?
Might be online shops.
Might be batch cooking meals.
Tupperwaring them up and popping them in the fridge or freezer.
It might be taking it in turns with someone else in the house.
Or dividing different parts of it up between you.
Again, most people make it harder than they have to.
They just wait till they are hungry and, at that point, eating healthily is, invariably, more difficult.
Do it with anything you’re wanting to change or finding more difficult than you’d like.
Ask “What would it look like if it was easy?”
And go from there!
Much love,
Jon ‘Easy, easy, easy’ Hall and Matt ‘This is awesome. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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