This Monday one of our members Mahmoud came in a few minutes early for his session to have his assessment done and see where he was up to.


It was another good result for him, taking him past 50lbs lost since he started.


In March.


50lbs in four months is a particularly great result, I must admit.


Discussion worthy.


And everyone was soon taking to him.


Mostly asking “What’s your secret?”


His reply was pretty much what I’d hoped for;


“No secret. I just did what they recommended”


Now we know different people respond at different rates.


So we wouldn’t expect everyone with 50 plus pounds to lose to do so in four months if they did what Mahmoud did.


And Ramadan only played a very small part in this – the dates shows 7lbs lost during that time.


That’s slower than at other points over the four months.


The important point here is that there was no secret.


Every single person asking knew as much about what to do as Mahmoud.


All Mahmoud had done……….


Was done it.


The body responds to action.


Theory and knowledge are great.


But without action they do nothing.


Action alone, with no theory and knowledge, will still get results.


If you’re a member or if you’ve read these blogs for a little while………


Then you know enough.


Sure, there are ‘finer points’.


More advanced adjustments for further down the line.


But, if you have over 20lbs to lose, you already know what to do to lose it.


Any FitPro selling their services purely on their knowledge of what to do should be avoided.


## We create, develop and deliver an environment and systems that make it as easy and as likely for people to do the things they already know but have previously struggled to incorporate into their busy and challenging lives. Check if you like the sound of that more than more diet and exercise plans ##


You don’t need a diet plan.


You don’t need new exercises.


You don’t need more info.


You just need to identify why you’ve struggled with doing it.


Address that.


And do it.


There is no secret!



Much love,


Jon ‘Victoria’s’ Hall and Matt ‘Agent’ Nicholson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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