If you’ve read these blogs for a while, you’ll know that I’m sometimes listening to the wireless in my car and a song lyric jumps out at me.

You may also know that I say olde words like wireless (for the radio) that were already outdated when I was young, just to wind my kids up 😉

The other day ‘True Faith’ by ‘New Order’ came on.

And the line that jumped out to me was the one it the title above.

“When I was a very small boy, very small boys talked to me”

Which makes sense.

As a species we often find it easier to talk to those we consider to be similar to us.

Whether that be age, gender, interests, outlook and so on.

This is why I share so many stories from our members.

And stuff about myself.

On here, Facebook and elsewhere.

Because I know how people see us before they get to know me / us.

– We live in a gym.

– We eat nothing but chicken and broccoli.

– We love exercise.

– Burpees in particular.

– We don’t drink.

– We don’t have fun.

– We’re young, no family and injury and commitment free.

– We don’t like people who don’t exercise regularly and / or are over weight.

Hopefully those that do know us know that somewhere between most and all of that isn’t true.

I’m 44 today (presents to the usual address), have four kids and injuries coming out of my ears (actually my ears are about the only bit of me I haven’t injured).

I enjoy what I do but don’t feel the need to be there any more than I have to.

Exercise is ok, but’s it’s mainly a means to and end and I’m not keen on burpees.

I quite like chicken and broccoli’s ok I suppose – just not them alone and not all the time.

When ever I get together with most of my friends, I realise I have more fun on a daily basis then all of them combined.

I like a drink 🙂

I wouldn’t like or dislike someone based on whether they were overweight and / or didn’t exercise.

And the rest of our coaches would give approximately similar answers.

So, whether you knew before, or know now………..

I am a (figurative) very small boy.

And so are you.

Talk to us.

If you already are, either keep those channels of conversation open……………

Or reopen them.

Talk to us.

We’re here to help!

If you haven’t already, here’s where you’ll do that —> www.myrise.co.uk/apply

Much love,

Jon ‘Plastic’ Hall


RISE in Macclesfield was established in 2012 and specialise in Group Personal Training weight loss programmes for those that don’t like the gym and find diets boring and restrictive!

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

When not helping people to transform their lives and bodies, Jon can usually be found either playing with his kids or taxi-ing them around. If you'd like to find out more about what we do at RISE then enter your details in the box to the right or bottom of this page or at myrise.co.uk - this is the same way every single one of the hundreds who've described this as "one of the best decisions I've ever made" took their first step.