Nope, not talking about Baby Hall.


That’s three weeks this Sunday 😉


Rather, take two groups of otherwise equal university students.


Tell one group all their work is due on specific dates throughout the year.


Tell the other group they can set their own deadlines.


They choose when to hand in things.


Which group does best?


Well, in structured tests, the second group consistently gets significantly higher grades than the first.


Same amount of work, same overall timeframes.


Better results.




These ‘deadlines’ have much greater ‘buy in’ for the group that’s chosen them themselves.


The first group, to some degree, feel it’s something that’s being imposed on them.


The second group feel more that what’s happening is their choice.


We’ve mentioned this before.


It’s called Autonomy.


When people come to our monthly find out more meeting ( and then chose to apply for a place on the next challenge………..


They fill in a box detailing why they want to do this.


And, when you look back at the end of the challenge, there is a huge correlation between what they put and how they did.


Those that used the words “I”, “Me”, “My”, etc a lot……..


Always do well.


Eg: “I want to do this because I am unhappy with the way my body looks and feels and it’s time I did something for me”


Those that talk more about others……..


And how they’re doing this because of what someone else has said, thinks or feels…….


Generally don’t do so well.


Eg: “My doctor says I need to lose weight”


Or “The husband / wife keeps nagging me about it”.


As a species, we don’t react well to being told to do stuff.


Often even if it is stuff we otherwise wanted to do.


Plenty of experiments have shown people deliberately choose an option they were less keen on…….


Because they felt they were being ‘pushed’ towards another option.


It’s why we’ll never ‘tell you what to do’ (it’s the find out more meeting next week. Check this out if you aren’t a fan of ‘being told what to do –>


Because you’ll probably do the opposite.


Instead we ‘coach’.


Whilst most FitPros are, essentially, consultants.


Just giving information.


We have created an environment and systems that enable you to set you own goals.


To plan your own route.


To be invested in your choices.


Our ‘habit goal’ system on the member’s site and app allow members to create their own track able goal.


It’s doesn’t just tell them what to do.


## Speaking of the app / site, we’re just a few weeks away from the launch of the new one.


Which contains at least a few things we have NEVER seen done before in our industry.


And will completely ‘blow away’ anything else out there ##


So, ultimately, you do what you like.


You will anyway.


But, if you’re struggling to do the things that you want to do to get where you want to get to……..


Talk to us.


We can help you gain that clarity and direction that will help 🙂
Much love,


Jon ‘Had a bit of a scare of Friday and thought baby was coming a month early’ Hall and Matt ‘Overdue’ Nichsolson




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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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