Imagine someone asks you to do an errand tomorrow.


Your boss, other half, etc.


However you want to view it.


You need to fetch some stuff from somewhere.


There’s too much to do in one go.


You’ve got two options.


You can go three time throughout the day and pick up about a third each time.


Or you can go six times.


Three of them picking up about a quarter each time.


And he other three picking up the remaining 8% or so.


Which do you go for.


The first I would’ve thought.


Much less effort for the same benefit.


Anyone guessed the parallel yet?


It’s like meals and snacks.


Meals plus snacks……….


Is more effort than just meals.


People often ask us about “healthy snacks”.


And while we can give them some examples……..


Just eating more at meal time makes more sense.


Purposefully eating less at meal time then needing a snack is the equivalent to the six trips option.


You can do it if you like, of course.


But doesn’t really make sense.


If it’s unexpectedly long between meals, a snack might be the answer.


But if meals are at the expected times, give or take, and you’ve chosen to eat less than you need at meal time………


Making more of a meal requires little to no extra effort.


Minimal extra cost.


Snacking requires more effort and money.


No getting away from that.


As we always say, if you’re snacking for reasons other than hunger, that’s a different issue to address.


But if you’re snacking due to hunger, bigger meals is an easy win 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Why are the called Square Meals?’ Hall and Matt ‘It originated from the Royal Navy practice of serving meals on square wooden plates Jon’ Nicholson


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