So, you’re going to take your elephant up the mountain.


Check here and here if you’ve no idea what I’m taking about.


You’ve got that hard path you’re going to avoid.


But, according to the signpost, there’s 27 easy paths.


All a bit different like.


Different combinations of slopes and plateaus.


But all the same difficulty overall.


Chance are that bloomin’ elephant will just stand there.


Too much choice.


Paralysis by analysis.


Something we often suffer with.


Given too many options we’re likely to do nothing.


It’s one of the reasons conventional gyms don’t work for most people.


50 machines to choose from.


So you go into the jacuzzi.


I’m not saying one machine is the answer, but it would be a little more obvious what to do.


And why people struggle with a lot of ‘diets’.


While we’re all about having varied and enjoyable meals……..


When faced with recipe books full of hundreds of meals………


Many revert to something less good that they’re more used to.


Minimising the choices you have to make helps get that elephant up the mountain.


No “Shall I workout this week and what shall I do?”


Just “When am I doing my three sessions?”


It’s why the ‘done for you’ format of our GTP sessions work so well (


Little thought involved – just turn up!


Having 5 or 10 ‘go to’ meals that you always have the ingredients in stock for and are relatively easy to prep works better than ‘trying to eat healthily’.


Not saying to limit yourself – have other stuff when you have the time, energy and inclination.


But have that handful of choices that are better than getting a pizza in, etc.


You get the idea.


Choice is good.


Up to a point.


Keep yourself to fewer, ‘better’ choices and the chances are you’ll do better.


The Elephant faced with paths A, B and C is more likely to get up that mountain.



Much love,


Jon ‘No more elephant stuff tomorrow, promise’ Hall and Matt ‘It’s hard to think of 6 Elephant based middle names’ Nicholson





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