Imagine I’m going to perform a colonoscopy on you.


I won’t, promise 😉


That would just be weird!


You’ve got two options.


A quick producer that is more painful.


Or a less painful, but considerably longer one.


Which do you fancy.


Having just received one procedure and been told about the other, most people in tests choose the shorter, more painful one.


But, when asked some weeks later, most have changed their mind to the longer, less painful version.


Weird, heh?


It’s example of two particular psychological terms.


One is called ‘Duration Neglect’.


Where, over time, how long something lasts, becomes largely forgotten.


The other is called the ‘Peak End Rule’.


Where, over time, the feeling, emotion, etc felt at the end of an experience becomes magnified.


It explains why people often fall into a common eating trap.


They’ll eat something.


Cake, biscuits, etc, etc.


They’ll enjoy it while they are doing it, but then immediately regret it.


The few seconds of pleasure suddenly doesn’t seem worth it.


And they’ll vow not to make the same mistake next time.


But, by the time the next cake, biscuit, etc is on offer……..


They’ll be up for it.


The relative duration of the pleasure and the regret will have faded from memory.


And the memory peak end of the pleasure on the taste buds will have amplified.


Human nature!


## We help people work round things rather than just ‘trying harder’ to do them differently –> ##


But, as with many of these things our brains do………


Knowing about it is empowering.


Recognising what’s going on in our brain enables us to question it and work round it.


Next time you feel like eating something that you know will take you away from your health / fitness / weight loss goals……….


Remember the colonoscopy example.


Remember what your brain is doing.


Call back the memories of how you felt after last time.


And see if the decision is still the same 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Colon Powell’ Hall and Matt ‘Semi Colon’ Nicholson




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