Who invented the cyclone vacuum cleaner?


James Dyson?




## I do that when my wife is wrong as her Grandad did it to her Grandma. And it’s funny! ##


The first patent for this method of vacuum cleaning was filed in 1928.


Dozens of people had come up with the idea before Jimmy D was inspired by the extraction fan at a local wood merchant.


In fact Mr Dyson himself has been quoted as saying “I don’t think there has been a single time in all the thousands of patents we have applied for where we were the first.”


So why did he make hundreds of millions from the idea while other made nowt?


He stuck with it.


He tweaked and refined the idea through 5,127 failed prototypes before finding a version that could be successfully sold.


No one achieves success at anything on their first go.


It just often seems that way when we only see the end result.


If you can’t cook, you can practice yourself good.


If you struggle to eat well in certain situations, each time it goes wrong is an opportunity to learn how to do a little better next time.


Each missed workout is a chance to reduce the chance of that happening again.


Mistakes are fine.


We learn from them.


Sticking with it is the only way to success.


The only way to the life and body we want.


The guys who stopped when their first few prototypes didn’t work missed out.


The guys that stop when they have a bad day / weekend / week don’t get there.


Stick with it 🙂

Much love,


Jon ‘J Edgar’ Hall and Matt ‘Dam’ Nicholson


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