Who should you listen to?

Who should you listen to?


One thing expressed to us by nearly every new client that comes starts with our 1:1 and Group Personal Training services is the level of confusion they feel at all the seemingly conflicting advice and information there is in the public domain. When advising on nutrition to lose weight, some advise cutting calories, some reduce carbs, some reduce fat.

Then, with exercise, some say low intensity cardio for a long time is best. Others advise interval training. Others still emphasise more in the way of strength and conditioning work.

Does dietary fat really increase cholesterol? That’s what the government say, but many disagree. Is blood cholesterol really important?

We realise what a mine field it is our there. The one piece of advice we can give is the on we use when determining who we listen to:

“Chose Practioners over Information Brokers”


A Practioner is someone who has experience in using the methods they chose to achieve results in a certain field. Whilst this can apply to any area, in this particular case we are talking about people who have a track record of a high percentage of the people who have used their methods achieving their weight loss, physique and health goals.


An information broker is someone who forwards information from other sources, with little or no experience of that area themselves.


So, the person who’s telling you at a dinner party about some new weight loss method – have they successfully lost and, more importantly, kept off weight from it? Can they give you details of others who have who will verify this?


The article written in a magazine – has the author themselves ever got anyone to achieve what they are talking about using the methods described?


The Personal Trainer you are considering using (or maybe already are) – can they give you details of clients who have gained the result they you are seeking?


The course you are looking at – is it developed and delivered by someone who has actually done what it is they are going to ‘teach’ you how to do? Is it a case of “this is how you could do it” or “this is how I did it”?


At RISE in Buxton, Derbyshire we don’t claim to be perfect. We, as with all our clients are in a constant learning curve and will strive on a daily basis to improve our knowledge and ability to delivery a high quality Personal Training service to our clients. We chose our sources of information from those who have performed to the very highest standards in our field – men like Charles Poliquin, who has trained more Olympic medallists, in more disciplines, then anyone in history.


However, we do have what we consider to be an excellent track record of getting clients to achieve brilliant results. I have offered a full money back guarantee for the near 10 years I have been personal training. No one has ever asked for their money back, whether clients at the Group and 1:1 Personal Training Studio in Buxton or through the 1:1 work we do at DW Sports Fitness in Macclesfield – not a single one from the hundreds we have trained and advised. Our methods do work – for every thing we might recommend, we can give you details of people who have tried that method and achieved results from it.


If you can find a fitness instructor, personal trainer, dietician, nutritionists, Weight Watchers or Slimming World meeting, gym or even a doctor that can say that, then use their information. But you might be a while looking.


We’re not saying we’re the only people to listen to, but, when making your choices on information sources, please remember to chose Practioners over Information Brokers.


If you would like to find out more about how we help you to lose weight, tone up and get fit (with guaranteed results) then please email us on contact@myrise.co.uk to arrange a trial pass, a 1:1 consultation or for more information.

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