So, I was writing one of these emails the other day while Sally, one of our coaches at Macc, was doing a 1:1 session with Martin, one of her clients.


He called over to me “You writing one of your emails Jon?”.


“Aye” I replied.


“I love them but how do you think of so much to write?” he responded.


For anyone that wonders that, here’s the answer:


  • We’ve spent most of our adult lives studying, practicing and perfecting how to help people transform their lives and bodies. If, after nearly 12 years in fitness, I couldn’t think of stuff to say every day, you’d have to ask serious questions.
  • We never switch off. I’m thinking about RISE stuff 24-7 and am constantly making notes of stuff that people might like to hear about / discover. 
  • We’ve worked hard on how to write effective emails that get the message across, how to do good videos, how to create podcasts, etc – like anything, you start bad and practice yourself good.


Perhaps the biggest question is why we send so much stuff out.


And here’s the answer to that:


  • To help you guys in your transformations – the more different things we put out there, the higher the chance that some is on your wave length and helps you – we don’t just do this to pay the bills, we enjoy helping people.
  • To create / extend a reputation – when people are ready to make changes, who are they going to for advice? The guy that shouts about how good he is in Facebook or the dudes that send you quality stuff every day (funnily enough I’ve seen a few of the guys that like to put us down on Facebook – ie: less succesful trainers – say recently “I could do a podcast” or “We could blog every day”. To which my obvious response is – “Go on then”.
  • To build a relationship with low barrier to entry – we realise that most people have concerns and worries about new and different health options like ours (it’ll be restrictive diet, hard exercise, we’ll shout at them, etc) – these emails help break this down and smooth the process of people starting their transformations.


If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet by the way, then you’re missing out – we’re getting great feedback and are up to full rating on iTunes 🙂


You can access it at or just search for RISE on your podcast software (iTunes, etc).


We recorded the third episode (they’ll be released each Monday) the other day with Fran and Jeremy from Macc.


They made a great point about how ‘sweat is a great leveller’.


I’ll talk about that tomorrow 🙂


BTW – we’re are still taking applications for the January 28 Day Body Transformation (we’re not doing a December one as it’s a terrible time to start something new and gyms, etc that take people on at that time are only after people’s money, not giving them the best possible start).


Applications can be made at, but please don’t bother if you’re looking for a short term quick fix for January – we’re for people who are finally serious about transforming themselves and becoming what they always wanted to be  🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Too much stuff in my head sometimes’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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