I was telling my kids about the 80s TV show The A-Team the other day.


It started because my step-daughter’s Dad isn’t a big fan of flying.


And I commented that he might just be a big fan of BA Baracus.


A full explanation then had to follow (my eldest son, particularly, quizzes me constantly about everything you can imagine).


Including the standard script of an episode.


Team come across someone who needs help with some bad guys, bust Murdoch out of somewhere, get locked in somewhere with some tools, Hannibal has a plan, make some form of armoured vehicle, escape, fight, BA throws the muscliest bad guy, win, celebrate, BA says “I ain’t gettin on no plane”, BA knocked out, plane taken.


Give or take.


Hannibal always had a plan though, didn’t he?


Without said plan they’d have been screwed.


And we’re all the same.


Wait until Hungry O Clock and what we eat is bound to be a bit crappy.


Plan ahead and it can be better AND easier.


Online food shop, prepping ahead of time, some batch cooking, etc.


Couple with a back up plan is always good.


What to do when things don’t quite go how you expect.


I’m currently sat on a bus from Congleton to Macc.


I was told my car service would take an hour and was going to wait.


It’ll be most of the day and I have appointments shortly.


No wasted time though as I’m writing this on my iPad, which I nearly always have with me for such an eventuality.


Same with your food.


What do you do when things don’t go to plan?


Do you ‘write it off’?


Or are you aware of the ‘next best’ options?


The nearby shop that sells something that’s ‘pretty good’?


The best(ish) choice from what is available?


The other time you can fit that missed workout in?


Or the home session you can do?


At the very least, make sure you have Plan A in place.


B and C would be good too 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Clubber Lang’ Hall and Matt ‘Predicting pain, sucka!’ Nicholson


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