I was on holibobs with the family last year.


On a Eurocamp in Italy.


In the site supermarket, I noticed something we don’t seem to have over here any more.


One of those divider thingies for the checkout bagging area.


You know what I mean, yeah?


It divides the bagging area into two section and the divider pivots left or right (like a windscreen wiper).


So the next person can be getting served while the previous customer finishes bagging up.


Why did we ever get rid of them?


Now we either have to wait for the person in front who, invariably, moves like a sloth.


Or they keep pushing your food onto they floor like they do at Aldi!


A classic example of changing something for no benefit.


Although we’re all about keeping things interesting and ‘spicing it up’………..


Sometimes it’s worth remembering that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.


You don’t need a new ‘diet’ every other month.


You don’t need to discover a the next fad in exercise.


You just need to find something with enough variety to keep you interested……….


That you’re happy doing indefinitely…………


And just keep doing it!


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Much love,


Jon ‘EuroTrash’ Hall and Matt ‘EuroStar’ Nicholson



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