So, I got back from hols last night.

And I’ve got several blogs ideas that I came up with whilst away.
But I’ve put them back a day.
Due to an email I received this morning.
People often ask how we find the inspiration to have written 800+ different blogs and counting.
Part of it is just answering questions people ask us.
Anytime someone asks something that we’ve covered in a blog(s), linking them to that / them is the best way to give them a detailed response.
Anytime someone asks something that we haven’t covered………
Tis the source for a new blog.
If one person has an unanswered question / something they’d like some help with………
Then there will be many others in the same position.
Why send a single reply when we can let the several hundred of you who read these bad boys know?
This email asked why we don’t do pay-as-you-go sessions likes most people in our industry do.
You know, pay £X for a single workout session.
So, here’s the answer:
We don’t ‘do’ workouts.
We ‘do’ results.
What our ninjas buy from us isn’t an exercise session.
It isn’t a diet plan.
It isn’t our facility or equipment.
It isn’t the information we have, the systems we use, the socials, etc, etc.
It isn’t our sparkling personalities and dry, cool wit.
Thank goodness 😉
It’s a result.
It’s losing 20lbs.
It’s gaining a Beach Body.
It’s the transformation to body and mind that people go through with us.
It’s the changes to stress levels, sleep, mood, sex drive, health and so on.
The sessions and everything else are integral parts of how that actually happens, of course.
But only by running it as a programme, like we do, do we get the results we do.
Since we opened up four years ago, several other places have opened up that do exercise in a group format, vaguely similar to what we do.
They all do pay as you go sessions.
Therefore, they just do workouts.
But you can get them cheaper by paying a monthly subscription.
And the results speak for themselves.
Our structured programme designed to deliver results gives us dozens of new success stories every month.
We have hundreds on our website and Facebook page if you’d like to check them out 😉
Those that just offer workouts don’t appear to have produced a single success story yet between them.
At least according to their websites and Facebook pages.
And I’m pretty sure they’d be sharing you with them if they had.
So, that’s the answer.
In short;
“We don’t ‘do’ workouts. We ‘do’ results!”
BTW if you, or a friend, like the sound of actually getting somewhere with your investment (and, potentially, having your membership paid for by us), then it’s the no-pressure, no-sales find-out-more meeting tomorrow night –>
Much love,
Jon ‘FUBAR’ Hall and Matt ‘SPAG’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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