If you’ve ever been surprised that you’ve been gaining, or not losing, weight because of how much you feel you eat, there are four possible situations at play.

The only alternative being that you become the first person in history to not lose weight in a 100% verified calorie deficit.

And I’m talking verified by being in an enclosed environment where every variable is measured to an accuracy of +/- 20 calories a day.

Not just “I’ve worked out that I’m in deficit”.

1. You’re eating more than you realise

In all my years of recommending to people to track their food with an app like MrFitnessPal, I don’t think I’ve ever had a single person come back and say “Yeah, it was what I expected”.

Nearly everyone has said some variation of “Ah, that’s explains it”

2. You’re not eating all that much volume of food, but it’s very calorie dense

Ultimately, the volume of food doesn’t really matter from a weight loss perspective.

It’s the calories within it.

There is the same amount of calories in 100g of cheese as there is in 5 kilos of mushrooms.

Now I’m not saying we should swap all our cheese for mushrooms.

But there might be an equivalent in what you’re eating where you can make swaps for something that has half or two thirds of the calories.

Same portion size for half the calories or twice as much food for the same calories (or something in-between).

2. You don’t have all that much the majority of the time but then massively over consume at times

1,200 calories a day but 3,000 or so (much more easily done than we might tell ourselves) on a Friday and Saturday night is the same as 2,000 a day.

4. You drink more calories than you realise

I’ve had many people knock off 300 to 500 calories a day just by changing to some lower calorie variations of what they currently enjoy.

All else being equal, that’s 2 to 4 stone a year off for no discernible change to cost, convenience or enjoyment.

So, if you’ve been surprised by your weight gain, or lack of loss, then some combination of these four should help.

Oh, you can carry on kidding yourself that the laws of physics don’t apply in your body.

Much love,

Jon ‘Big portions of calories sparse food’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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