Out of all the social media platforms, Facebook has always been my favourite.

I use all the different features fairly equally.

Checking my general feed, responding to notifications, interacting in my groups and messaging.

To me Instagram has always felt like only has one of those four things (the feed).

And I find it a bit confusing having to work out who some people are because their username isn’t necessarily their name.

I appreciate some people have gone off Facebook.

Many have told me because they find it too “negative” or “annoying”.

But there’s a powerful realisation to be made here.

Facebook feeds you more what you interact with.

My Facebook feed is tremendously positive.

It’s interesting and fun things that my friends are up to.

Adverts from companies and services that I’m interested in.

The odd thing that I’m less keen on I either just scroll past or click the three dots in the corner so I don’t receive it again.

If someone’s Facebook feed is full of stuff that annoys them……….

It’s because they’ve interacted with that type of content more.

Commenting or putting angry emojis on post that annoy them.

Even just spending more time reading certain things affects what you receive.

Remembering that Facebook feeds you more of what you interact with can help us understand why it’s annoying us.

Because, in general, in life what we focus on magnifies.

What we appreciate appreciates.

The more time we spend thinking and talking about the parts of our life we’re less keen on the bigger those things seem to become and the more likely they are to happen.

The more time we spend on positive changes and solutions to those challenges, the more that amplifies.

Sure, not every aspect of our life and social media feed is under our complete control.

But probably more parts than we’d like to admit are.

Much love

Jon ‘Algorithm’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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