Take two groups of people.


Get them to set some goals.


Lose weight, improve academic scores, do better at work, etc, etc.


Check in with them regularly over time.


Monitor how regularly they are exposed to things that might ‘set them back’.


Being offered / seeing biscuits, cake, desserts, alcohol, etc, etc.


Or be invited for a night out, etc that distracts them from their work and study goals.


How many times they have to use willpower to resist something that will negatively affect their desired goal.


What was the number one predictor of success?


You’ve probably guessed it.


The less they were required to use willpower the better.


Doing things to minimise exposure to these things was a much, much more effective approach than trying to use willpower to resist them.


Makes sense, of course.


But we don’t always do these things in our own lives.


Not having certain foods in the house is a much more effective way to stop them being eaten than having them in and trying to resist them is.


Same with alcohol.


Avoiding the cake round, biscuit run, etc at work (where possible) is much easier than being in amongst it and saying no.


Driving a minute longer on another route home is easier than driving past the off-licence or take out and deciding not to go in.


You get the idea.


Don’t rely on willpower.


Minimise how much of it you might need and the whole thing gets that little bit easier.



Much love,


Jon ‘Char Will’ Hall and Matt ‘Fran’ Nicholson
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