I mentioned this week about a reluctance that I had to publish a blog last week.

Because, in part, I was worried what people would think.

As we all do.

Especially those that post on social media that “I don’t give a sh!t what anyone thinks about me” (if they didn’t they wouldn’t be announcing that).

It’s perfectly natural.

It would be pretty weird if we genuinely didn’t care about the opinion of anyone in our lives.

But what we can do, perhaps, is some combination of the following;

– Realise that people often are too busy with their own things to really care about what we’re doing

– Be selective with whose opinions we allow to affect our decisions and behaviours and to what degree (mine is immediate family, people I pay money to for their advice, people who are more successful than I am in areas that are important to me and people who pay me money)

– Be clear on what is fundamentally important to us

– Remember that other people’s opinions of you are their thing and are reflective of their beliefs and where they’re ‘at’

– Be aware that people will have opinions whatever you do so they might as well have an opinion of you that’s from you doing the stuff that’s important to you rather than from living a life that’s not what you wanted it to be.

Much love,

Jon ‘Wart’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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