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So, this summer hasn’t been quite normal from an exam perspective has it?

Millions of people either not doing exams they would’ve or taking them remotely.

I’m sure we all remember the exams we did at school though.

Single desks in the school (main or sports) hall?

Spaced out a metre or two apart (long before social distancing was a thing).

Big clock on the wall at the front.

You’d file in and the papers were waiting face down on your desk.

Teacher says “You may turn over your papers” and you’re off.

First question goes fine.

No probs.

But, what’s this?

You’ve got no idea about the second question.

What do you do?

Exam question time:

Do you?

A – Give it your best go and move onto the other questions and give them all your best go?

B – Just scribble nonsense on it, think “Sod it” and do the same with the rest of the paper?

I assume you put A?

B doesn’t makes much sense does it?


We’re tempted to do the same with our food.

One meal “goes a bit wrong” and we use that as a justification to do the same with the next few (dozen).

“Writing it off”.

When you compare that to the exam situation, it’s clear how little sense that makes.

Making something else go badly on purpose becuase something else went badly?

If anything, the thing that makes more sense is to try and do “better” on the next one.

Put a bit of extra effort into the other questions to try and pull the marks back.

Make some adjustments in the next few meals to keep calories ‘in budget’ for the day or week.

That could be by tracking it on MFP.

Or just giving what we’re doing a bit more thought, making some tactical swaps and / or trimming portion size a bit.

Much love,

Jon ‘97% in Year 7 maths” Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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