I was driving the other week and tuned into a conversation about healthy eating, etc.


I’ve gone from hating Radio 4 to occasionally finding myself listening to it.




Jamie Oliver was on.


I used to find him slightly irritating when he first came out.


But I quite like him now.


So much so, I named my children after him.


That was an accident BTW – I didn’t make the connection until it was too late. I just liked the names Oli and Jamie.


He was talking about his campaign to get more food tech taught in schools.


And how he was having to overcome people’s objections that more of this would mean less time spent on other subjects.


And he said “You ain’t gonna die young because you did less geography.”



Which I thought was a great way to look at it.


Now, before anyone replies, we know not being able to cook doesn’t automatically mean you’ll die younger.


We know many healthy people die too young.


And many unhealthy people live long lives.




On average………


The healthier you are, the longer you live.


All the studies, ever, bear this out.


All else being equal, if you improve your help you will live longer.


And good quality food and meals are a huge part of being healthier.


And being able to cook is a huge part of improving food and meals (one of the reasons we spend so much time on the food side of things, rather than just ‘doing workouts’ –> myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting).


Spending time on cooling, food prep, etc………


Is an investment.


You’ll get that time back.


A little bit less time now spent on TV, Facebook, games, etc, etc……..


And spent on food, cooking, etc………


Is time you get back on the end of your life.


Worth every second 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Open to suggestions for new baby name – due October 16th’ Hall and Matt ‘Jon’s youngest calls me Trouble’ Nicholson



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