The standard explanation of how someone gains and loses weight is as follows:


If calories in exceed calories out, you will gain weight.


And vice verse.


Now, we’re not stupid enough to not be aware that this is is the case.


A Level Physics, a degree in Engineering and 14 years in this industry have meant I am aware of Newton’s law of energy conservation, before anyone points it out.


It’s just that, knowing a little bit more about how the body works and the actual process of body fat creation, we know there’s a bit more to it than that.


We are not balloons.


That inflates and deflates as air is blown in and released.


Sure, energy balance is part of the equation.


But it’s rarely the prime cause in our experience.


As in someone is doing everything right but just happens to be eating a bit too much or moving a fraction to little.


It’s kinda the inevitable consequence when other stuff goes wrong.


When people eat unbalanced diets of crappy processed food.


When their body is ‘confused’ by the amount of toxins that enter it on a daily basis.


When consistent lack of quality sleep and chronic stress play havoc with our hormonal balances.


When these things aren’t addressed and people just try to eat less and / or move more…….


It’s a bit like trying to use sellotape on a crack in a submarine.


Address these things and the ‘calorie’ side will become much easy to take care of. if you want a bit of support and direction in addressing these things – hurry though, the meeting is in a few days now!



Much love,


Jon ‘Lead Balloon’ Hall and Matt ‘Balloon Animal’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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