The other day in our member’s only Facebook group a couple of people commented about coming to the realisation that they “can’t out train a bad diet”


That the reason they hadn’t been getting great results, despite regular exercise, was their food intake wasn’t good enough.


And that they were making the effort now to change that.


Which was great.


It’s a mistake people often make.


Thinking the exercise is enough.


When it’s actually tremendously ineffective.


From a weight loss perspective.


It does of course improve health, fitness, energy levels, mood and much, much more.


But your diet is the much bigger win when losing weight.


You CAN in fact, out train a bad diet.


But when you realise how much effort it is, you’d probably question if it’s worth it.


Ignoring any other factors of your food intake and looking at a it from a calorie perspective, here’s what you’d have to do to undo the effect of the following foods:


Note: For an 11 stone man, subtracting the calories you’d burn just by being alive


500ml Ben & Jerry’s = 30 minutes jogging


Average sized piece of chocolate cake = 45 minutes of burpees


Biscuit = 30 minutes of body weight squats


And so on.


All these calculations are only a bit rough.


But give you the idea.


We’re not saying never have these foods again.


It’s the overall balance and volume that’s key.


And it’s way, way easier to lose weight by adjusting food than by exercising.


You CAN out train a bad diet.


But why would you?



Much love,


Jon ‘Drive By’ Hall and Matt ’50 ways to say goodbye’ Nicholson


P.S. 3 points for those middle names


P.P.S. Check if you like the idea of somewhere that also helps you with the food side. Not just ‘what’ to eat. But how to fit that into your already busy and challenging lives. Rather than just getting you to do more burpees.




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Jon Hall

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