Apparently, if a drug is illegal, you can’t, by technical definition ‘use’ it.


Taking them is classed as abusing them.


Prescription painkillers you can use or you can abuse.


Heroin you can only abuse.


Reading this got me thinking about other words we use.


And how you could argue you can’t use them in certain ways.


People often taking about ‘normal’ eating.


As in the way that most people eat.


Cereal for breakfast, a meal deal for lunch, cooked meal in the evening.


Or something along those lines.


And how we eat as being in some way ‘not normal’.


But, if a way of eating gives you a life and body you don’t like………


If a way of eating makes you thoroughly miserable…….


You could argue that you shouldn’t call that ‘normal’.


Regardless of what anyone else is doing.


Not saying that way of eating makes everyone feel that way, but it does for plenty.


And I’m not saying anyone is abnormal.


Or comparing them to drug abusers.


But, thinking about those words we use…….


And remembering how our words drive our thoughts which drive our actions……..


Can make us change the way we talk and think and the actions and results we get.



Much love,


Jon ‘Abominable’ Hall and Matt ‘Abrupt’ Nicholson





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