You will have probably noticed that the England football team got knocked out of Euro 2016 last night.


By the mighty Iceland!


Not going to get into anything about what happened, what needs to happen going forward, etc.


Rather, this blog is inspired by something Ian Wright said in the post match analysis.


I’m paraphrasing as I can’t find a quote anywhere – “People will say the players don’t care. That’s rubbish. They care a lot. They’ll be gutted by this.”


Every time any England team of any sport lose in particularly disappointing circumstances, it’s a charge that’s levelled at them.


I’ve never really bought into this.


These are guys who’ve dedicated their lives to mastering this particularly craft.


Who’ve worked so hard at it that they’ve got to the highest level.


Who’ve given it their all over thousands of matches to get to this point.


Sure, there’s clearly some issues that need to be addressed here.


But, I don’t believe “not caring” is one of them.




It’s a standard charge levelled at people who aren’t in the shape they’d like to be.


“You just don’t care enough!”


Having worked with probably thousands of people looking to change their body shape / health / fitness……….


I’ve never really bought into this either.


People usually care a lot.


They are often devastated about what’s happened to their bodies.


It’s often the thing they think about the most – hundreds of times a day.


It’s one of the things that causes them the most pain in their life.


They care, trust me.


You care, I’m sure.


But, for a mixture of reason, it’s not happening for them / you.



It’s often self limiting beliefs.


Opinions, habits, etc that hold them / you back and make the whole process much harder than it has to be.


There’s often an amount of confusion and miss-information ‘muddying the waters’ for them / you.


Challenges in their lives that they haven’t worked out how to work round yet.


Or the person they are turning to for help has no idea about.


## You’ll often see the early 20s FitPro who lives with his mum criticise the injured, mega busy at work, ageing parents, young children client of theirs for “Not wanting it enough” ##


If you’re reading this email, I’m fairly confident you care.


If you’re getting the results you want, that’s awesome – please continue.


If you’re not, there’s things holding you back.


Some of those things can be addressed.


Fully or partially.


Some, maybe, not at all.


But, in nearly 15 years of doing this, I’m yet to meet someone who couldn’t be using, shall we say, a ‘better approach’.


If you’re not sure what these approaches are in your case, let us know – we’ll figure it out together 🙂


If you want to find out a bit more about what we do and our free ’20lbs weight loss’ and ‘Beach Body’ 8 week challenges, then the find-out-more meeting is tonight –>



Much love,


Jon ‘Care Bear’ Hall and Matt ‘My Little Pony’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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