This Saturday night the wife and I went to Curry Christmas.


Run by the parents of one of the boys in my Step Daughter’s class at school, it’s an annual pre-Christmas get together where we all bring a curry and everyone votes for the best one.


The host won for the third year in a row.


She is a very good cook though.


Anyway, I was loading my plate up with curry when one of the mums next to me said “You not having carbs with that?”


You see there was about a dozen different curries.


And I wanted to try them all.


So there was no rice on Naan bread on my plate.


No room like.


I’m not averse to them and would normally have some with my curry.


But not if it meant having to try less of the curries laid out in front of me.


I mumbled something about “Well, just the carbs in the curries I suppose”


Because there is, of course, carbs there.


And she followed with “I bet you never eat carbs”.


Which I get.


Carbs have been demonised in recent years.


Like fat and protein have been at times / still are.


Many feeling that cutting carbs is the only solution to losing weight.


And as that is really hard to do………..


Thinking it’s impossible for them to then lose weight.


We do, of course, recommend a balanced diet.


Which as most people have been fairly high carb an low fat and protein when they come to us……….


Usually means a bit less carbs and more protein and fat.


But that doesn’t mean carbs are bad.


Just like protein and fat aren’t.


Doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight on a high carb diet.


Just most people struggle with that.


When ‘calorie matched’ all diets or ways of eating perform the same in test conditions.


Trouble is, real life isn’t quite test conditions.


We find that, in real life, for most people who are attracted to what we do, the following works pretty well;


1. Work to a weekly average (if you eat and drink more at the weekend, that’s fine if the seven day average is sufficient to take you in the right direction at a speed you’re happy with).


2. Trim portion sizes – not enough to make you hungry, just not having more than you need


3. Trying to get a good balance of protein, fat and carbs


4. Look at the reasons behind eating, challenge habits and self-limiting beliefs and so on!


5. Regular, well structured exercise – both for the physical benefits and for how much it can help keep you ‘on track’ with the rest of it (check if you haven’t found one of these that you enjoy and can maintain and also helps you with all of the above).


Remember, carbs aren’t the enemy.


Nothing’s really the enemy.


Save maybe that little voice in our heads that tells us to do stuff that we know we’l regret.



Much love,


Jon ‘Backloading’ Hall and Matt ‘Cycling’ Nicholson





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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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